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One Week International TREK


Approximately 75% of the world’s campuses have no one pointing students to Jesus.  Take a week, grab your friends, and be involved in the Great Commission. Your week overseas will be faith-stretching as you step out on campuses on the other side of the world, and trust the Lord to change lives.  

You will be challenged as you cross cultures, initiate with students, and share your faith.  Plus, you will have a whole lot of fun.  In these places of the world where the gospel is not preached, you can make a difference.

All dates are subject to change by 1 or 2 days based on flight availability.


Czech Republic | Help open new campuses in the heart of Europe
Dates: TBD | Contact: Czech Republic Team Leaders



The Harbor | Launching new ministries in the Middle East
Dates: TBD | Contact: The Harbor Team Leaders



South Asia | Help reach over a half a million college students
Dates: TBD | Contact: South Asia Team Leaders



Senegal | Take new ground in the battle for Africa
Dates: TBD | Contact: Senegal Team Leaders



East Asia | Launch new ministries in East Asia
Dates: TBD | Contact: East Asia Leaders


Central Asia | Reach future leaders in the heart of Asia
Dates: TBD | Contact: Central Asia Leaders


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